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Antioxidants, Skincare & Vitamins

There is an increasing amount of evidence showing antioxidants to be a helpful treatment in skin care to help keep away free-radical damage that causes premature aging of skin. Antioxidant skin care products use natural compounds like tea tree oil, grape seed oil, green tea, idebenone, and vitamin C to combat cumulative skin damage and assist replenishing cell membrane structure for healthy good looking skin.

Causes of Skin Aging

What leads to premature skin aging? There are several factors that can play a part in the process. Sun damage, unhealthy diet, insufficient water intake and Smoking all contribute to the process. Antioxidant skin care creams focus on prevention and repair.


Benefits of Antioxidant Skincare

Clinical research studies have proven that cell damage leads to the onset of wrinkles and dry skin. Dryness at the epidermis layer of skin makes it difficult for the delivery of nutrients necessary for healthy cell reproduction. Offsetting the effects of free-radical damage can bring about benefits that include smoother skin complexion, reduction of age spots and a decrease in the density of wrinkles and fine lines particularly on and around the face.

Oxidization happens for the natural breakdown of organic and inorganic material. Free-radicals occur as a result of this breakdown and they target cell membranes. Skin cells as well as internal organs are particularly vulnerable to damage.

As cell membranes become damaged, signs of aging begin to appear such as dry skin, spider veins, wrinkles and lack of elasticity. Collagen and elastin production are lowered and dermal layers start to lose the ability to keep in moisture and hydration. This makes the problem even worse over time.

Antioxidant skin Care Products

Antioxidants help to combat free-radicals. The long term effect of skin damage such as wrinkles, fine lines, and tough skin may often be slowed down. Products such as StriVectin, Obagi and Nourish use antioxidants in their skin products as they have protective qualities that help heal and replenish skin.

Antioxidants skin care products aim at cell renewal while neutralizing and helping prevention of damage. This is done by fixing collagen fibers and producing elastin, while ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid aid in allowing the skin to retain natural, healing moisture. Benefits of antioxidant skin care products include improved skin tone, less blemishes and acne and an overall smoother skin complexion.

Choosing Your Skin Care Program: Include Antioxidants!

When choosing suitable products for your daily skin care program, antioxidant skin care should definitely be included somewhere, especially as you get older. In short, free radicals speed up the aging process of your skin and antioxidants fight free radicals which in turn slows down the aging process, allowing you to keep your youthful complexion for as long as possible.