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Best New Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail Fungus: A common problem

Onychomycosis, or simply nail fungus, is a medical condition that affects up to30 million Americans. Nail fungus is a problem that is particaulrly common with senior citizens and this is born out in the fact that about 50% of nail fungus patients in the US are over 70. Is left without treatment, this fungal infection can cause nails to solidify and condense, resulting in local pressure-related pain in the fingers and toes. Topical treatments presently marketed in the US. apparently succeed in fewer than 12 % of patients, and existing nail fungus treatments, which are effective in less than 50% of all cases, are known to be toxici. Despite the shortcomings of these existing remedies, sales of treatments for onychomycosis reach about $1.5 billion yearly globally.

New Nail Fungus Treatment

EcoNail is the brand name of one of the newest and most effective nail fungus treatments available. It is a topical antifungal polish for  treating onychomycosis. EcoNail is the company's patented, topically-applied varnish which contains the antifungal econazole.

Scientific Evidence

In recent clinical trails carried out by the company who has developed EcoNail 65% of test subjects demonstrated evidence of improvement, defined by the rules of the study as an increase in clear nail area. While none of the patients involved in the experiment cured their nail fungus completely, the scientists who carried out the research agreed that 41% of patients confirmed considerable improvement.

All patients had fungal nail infections at the beginning of the tests, but after 11 months of once-daily treatment with EcoNail, 100% of patients had cultures that were stopped growing.

EcoNail Side Effects & Safety

EcoNail appears to be a very safe treatment with no reported side effects. This is based on observations made from the same above mentioned study in whichno signs of local irritation related to the once-daily EcoNail treatment were seen. During the experiment, no patient had to stop taking the treatment due to negative side effects. After 56 weeks of observation, no negative nail fungus related side effects were observed in any of the patients.

This comes as excellent news for onychomycosis sufferers who currently have very. choices by way of treatment methods, whether oral or topical. What is predominantly impressive is the lack of skin irritation and the progressive clinical improvement.

Nail Fungus Treatment Results

Although the results from the EcoNail test are positive there is still little by way of conventional treatment that an guarantee 100% improvement and subsidence of symptoms. Even after succefsull treatment it is generally understand today that onychomycotic nails may have an unrelenting irregular look even in patients where antifungal treatment has been totally successful. In addition, long-standing concepts of nail growth have developed to recognize that some nails may take up to 78 weeks to fully grow.

MacroChem Nail Fungus Remedy Makers

MacroChem are the company responsible for developing this new nail fungus treatment. They are a specialty pharmaceutical company that make and sell pharmaceutical products.