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Those looking for the best skincare products should read this article before doing anything else. Finding the best skincare answer can be rather a challenge. Performing innumerable search queries with keywords can get tiring after a while, when all you want is some simple straight forward information.

In this article we cut through the crap and debunk some of the most common myths perpetrated on the internet about skin care. Read on to be enlightened…

Bags under eyes

Puffy bags under the eyes are a result of a lack of sleep: False. There may be limited truth to this; nonetheless, the major causes of wrinkles and puffiness are far more multifaceted, and one cannot sensibly anticipate to undo them by simply changing sleep habits.

What causes dark circles under eyes is poor circulation, where blood vessels begin to leak, causing an extreme buildup of hemoglobin and producing the blue-red pigmentation we see. The best skincare products for eye wrinkles contain Haloxyl, an ingredient systematically demonstrated to advance circulation and take away accumulated hemoglobin.

Cucumbers for wrinkles

Placing cucumbers beneath your eyes during the night will do away you’re your eye wrinkles: False.
Despite the popular myth the truth is that this really is not an effective anti wrinkle treatment. Cucumbers are around 90% water, and consequently do not hold enough anti-inflammatory properties to have any ongoing effect. The coolness of the cucumber will for the short term lessen puffiness by contracting blood vessels, but not much more. It is in no way the best skincare answer.

Collagen Creams

Collagen creams are amongst the best skincare products available: False.
Possibly what is so believable about collagen creams is their name! A good number of consumers are not experts, and consequently rely on experts to tell the facts, as opposed to having to do their own research. And so the regular buyer will connect collagen with skin, and be sold on that link alone.

The reality is that collagen is a large molecule; too large to be absorbed by the skin if applied on the skin surface. Even though it is identified as a  hydrator of the skin, it will not be sufficient to firm or strengthen it.

Vitamins for Healthy Skin

Vitamins are necessary to healthy skin: True. The best skincare routine will need more than just a good quality diet, but certain vitamins are established to be the basis for healthy skin, including Vitamin C, A, E, and B-vitamins. Another vitamin-like substance is CoQ10; in its nano-lipid form, it can intensely make a way into the skin and deliver nutrient-rich contents to it. Like vitamins, it also contains antioxidants which assist guard the skin from free radical harm.
The best solution for wrinkles and other signs of aging is a natural product, with the right combination of antioxidants/vitamins and scientifically formulated ingredients to get to the root of the problem. Only such a cream will actually work to reverse the aging process.