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Botox Costs & Prices

While there are several factors that may determine the price of a particular botox treatment at a specific clinic, generally speaking there tend to be a few main issues that will largely end up dictating the cost of your botox injection. Below we’ve mentioned each price determining factor for botox separately.

Botox Dilution Rates

Dilution rates vary depending on the place you choose to have your botox treatment done. This is an issue that many patients are unaware of. When the spa professional or doctor buys Botox it arrives in frozen powder form. It is then determined how they want to dilute the power to turn it into a liquid. Generally the less diluted the botox, the more expensive the treatment will be.

Your location in the USA is a main cause in determining the price of Botox injections. If you are in a major city like New York of LA you may be paying a higher price than if you were in a smaller town. This is partly because Spa owners in larger cities have higher overhead costs and they know their patients are more likely to have higher amounts of expendable income.

Special Offers at Botox clinics

Many spas offer special deals at slow points during the year to encourage patients to come in and try Botox. This is an excellent way for a person who wants to try Botox to be able to do it at a reduced cost. Spas may offer special discounts based on where on the body you want the botox done. This is supposed to help persuade clients to try areas that they have not yet done.

The cost of botox injections may be decided by the number of areas on your body being treated. The cost to treat a single area could be more expensive than treating three areas when broken down by cost per area. For example, it may cost $100 to treat one area and $250 to three.

Botox Costs by Unit Vs Area

Botox can be priced by the unit or by the areas on the body receiving treatment. Each salon has its own way of determining costs & prices. A cost per area might be $50 to $300 while a cost per unit would be something like $10 - $50. The difference in numbers is decided by the location of your treatment centre, dilution rates, current special discounts and number of areas on the body being injected with botox.

The three areas on the body that are most often treated are between the eyes, the forehead and eye area. These three areas are the ones patients are most aware of and eager to have treated.

Final Advice

As has been mentioned above there are several issues to think about when determining the cost of Botox. It is surely advised that you contact your local salon and ask them if they have any Botox special offers. Also, don’t forget to ask about the dilution rates to make sure that you are getting a treatment that is going to be effective for you. No matter what the cost, if the Botox is out of date or not diluted properly, it is not a price worth paying.