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Laser Therapy Scar Tissue Healing

Ekkyo photomedicine company, which makes laser systems for skin scar prevention and reduction, are on the verge of a great new breakthrough in laser scar treatment with promising results being obtained in a recent study.

How The Laser Works

The Ekkyo laser works by encouraging the skin’s natural propensity to repair itself, initiated while the wound is being closed. This pioneering advance was authenticated in animals in a recent experiment that demonstrated its ability to speed up healing time and evade visible marks of the wounds.

Laser Scar Removal Experiment

To show the application of this laser treatment in humans, a trial was performed at the Lille University Hospital Center. The study had two purposes: evaluating the safety, as well as the healing and aesthetic benefits of a treatment by an 810 nm laser diode. These are the specifications of the laser Ekkylite which is the very first Laser Assisted Scar Healing system using a "smart" safety machine responsible for identifying, setting up and defining the parameters of the laser during treatment. The results of this study into laser scar removal were extremely positive as they confirmed the safety and effectiveness in a procedure that usually leaves unattractive long scars.

Benefits of Using the Ekkylite Laser

Ekkylite  is the company's first laser treatment machine with high expecatations in the cosmetic medicine industry. This very first Laser Assisted Scar Healing system merges a handheld laser, a "smart" safety device that guides the surgeon's moves during the laser procedure and a sterile sheath for working in the operating room. EkkyLite sets in motion and encourages the skin regeneration process which leads to faster healing, while reducing and occasionally utterly removing surgical scars.

The benefits afforded by EkkyLite makes it the first laser scar removal machines that can be used by all surgeons: not only plastic surgeons but dermatologists, obstetricians, trauma specialists and any other professionals who are confronted with patients who have scars.

Ekkyo Lasers

Ekkyo came into being in in 2006 through the union of a specialist in photomedicine, one plastic surgeon; one marketing expert specialized in medical devices and one specialist in production and quality processes. EKKYO is a photomedicine company that develops laser-based systems for scar prevention and reduction.