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Looking for new & effective Melanoma treatments? Want to know if you can trust these treatments and how they work? Our guide gives you information on recent studies that may well have a cure for even advanced melanoma!

Melanoma Treatment

The amount of people detected with melanoma on a yearly basis is quickly rising. It is anticipated that about 60,000 new cases of melanoma will be identified and about 8,000 U.S. citizens will die of the illness during 2008. The prognosis for patients with advanced melanoma is currently not good, and studies have shown that the average survival length  is less than nine months.

New Melanoma Studies

Patients enrolled in the study might have received a maximum of one prior cytotoxic regimen, but may have received an unlimited number of prior cytokine, immune or vaccine therapies. Enrollment in the study is expected to be finished by the December 2008.

The potential lifesaver, known as CR011-vcMMAE, targets a protein called GPNMB, which has been shown to be over expressed in melanoma, breast cancer and brain tumors.

How does this new Melanoma treatment drug work?

CR011-vcMMAE is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) containing a fully- human monoclonal antibody against glycoprotein NMB (GPNMB) attached to a strong, synthetic drug monomethyl auristatin E (MMAE).  GPNMB is a novel, selective target that is instrumental in the ability of cancer cells to invade and metastasize. CR011-vcMMAE contains an enzyme-cleavable linker intended to be constant in the bloodstream and to release MMAE after internalization into tumor cells that express GPNMB, resulting in cancer cell death.