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Spent too long in the sun and got sunburn? Not keen on using all those chemical remedies available at the pharmacy? Our guide to natural sunburn treatments could well provide you with just the natural remedy you’re looking for.

Sunburn: Chemical Vs Natural Treatment

A simple trip into any supermarket, drugs store, or even at a general goods store at the airport will bring you into contact with a vast array of different sun burn remedies and preventative lotions such as sunscreen and sun tan lotion. However, If you prefer to do things naturally and are not too ken on using chemical-laden skin care creams to help ease the discomfort of sun burn, you’ll probably be pleased to know that there are a few every day household products that can be used as natural sunburn remedies.  A nippy little look in to your kitchen may offer all the relief you require. Find out what food should be incorporated into your natural skin care regime when your day of sunbathing leaves you more red than golden brown.

The best foods that can be used as natural skin care remedies for sunburn depend on what part of your body are burned and what things you have to do later on the same day or the next day. 

Sunburn on the Face

If you have a case of mild sunburn restricted to your face, try using cucumbers, cold wet tea bags, apple slices or potato slices. Just put them on your face and relax for a few minutes and you’ll feel the difference these natural remedies can make.

Natural Oils & Gels for Sunburn

Peanut oil is an excellent sunburn remedy that is totally natural, but it’s not the best choice if you plan on going out on a hot date or even if you’re going to be socializing with people later. The reason is not so much the smell although peanut oil can smell a bit, but rather your whole body will be slippery making you uncomfortable.

Another natural sun burn remedy that is generally popular as a skin care product is aloe vera gel. This is one of the best all round remedies for soothing burns, whether they be sun burns or any other type. The advantage is that once you’ve rubbed the gel in gently you begin to feel relief straight away and can continue with your daily activities as normal, whatever they may be.

Unusual Natural Sunburn Remedy

Other common household items that can be used quite effectively as remedies for sunburn include mayonnaise and yogurt (the plain type, not fruit yogurt). Obviously , when you put either of these on your skin you can hardly go to work or go out socializing with friends, but the good news is that an application of 20 minutes is sufficient for these natural remedies to provide a good measure of relief before rinsing off and carrying on with your day.

Another natural remedy for treating sunburn involves a mixture of 2 teaspoons of salt with 3-4 teaspoons of dried milk mixed together in room temperature water. After mixing, you simply apply the remedy to the part of your body that is burnt and leave it for between 10-20 minutes.

If you really over did it with the sunbathing you’ll most likely be burnt as a crisp from head to toe which can be really uncomfortable. Such desperate cases call for more serious remedies. One suggestion is to take a bath in a specially prepared mixture of milk, oatmeal & honey in a bath of lukewarm water. It may sound strange but it works. As little as 10-15 minutes is enough for the mixture to treat your skin by giving it back much needed moisture that was lost to the sun. Believe it or not, this remedy is more widespread than you would think and is commonly used not only for sunburn, but also for skin conditions such as eczema.