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Skin Lightening & Carbon Dioxide Lasers

Carbon dioxide laser: Best for wrinkles

Carbon dioxide laser treatment is still considered the most excellent method to remove signs of aging, sun damage as well as treating dark patches of skin on your face. However, this laser resurfacing procedure does have a rather high rate of complications, including lightening of the skin color.

Despite this concern, many dermatology experts still consider that carbon dioxide laser treatment is still a very good treatment. It does include a down time and some relatively minor side effects, but it does cause a remarkable enhancement in many patients that can't be attained with any other cosmetic procedure including chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment Procedure

Simply put the carbon dioxide laser essentially causes a controlled burn on the skin. Then it takes away the epidermis, which is the most superficial layer of the skin and dermis which is the middle skin layer. It also causes tightening of the skin. The carbon dioxide laser works by captivating water inside and outside of the skin cells, which leads to heat damage to nearby tissue. The consequence is that the skin makes more of the protein collagen which is the natural substance responsible for providing our skin with elasticity. The increased collagen works by filling in facial wrinkles.

Skin Lightening & Laser Treatment

The foremost long-term problem with carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing procedures is the loss of skin color, known more technically as hyperpigmentation. Although in some instances these abnormally light patches correct themselves over time without any particular treatment, not enough is known about the treatment yet to tell exactly why this side effect occurs in the patients that it does. Scientific reports on the subject seem to indicate that somewhere between 40%-50% of carbon dioxide laser treatment patients experience some form of this side effect to some degree at least.

Skin Lightening Side Effects

Part of the extent of skin lightening depends on how forceful the dermatologist is at peeling the skin with the laser. If there are more wrinkles, it becomes necessary to do more energy levels, and often more than two or three passes are performed, so the patients are going to experience more lightening.