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Tanning Salon Supplies & Equipment

For tanning salons wanting to offer their clients a superior service, tanning salon  owners need to make available to their customers a range of innovative options and accessories to provide them with the most excellent treatment feasible. The most new accessories for tanning beds make patrons at ease and guarantee they have a successful tan. Some of the trends to be had work with your tanning bed to put your consumers at the forefront of fashion.

Tanning Bed goggles and Head covers

Although tanning beds are a safer means to keep the golden brown skin, too much of it is harmful. Have goggles available for customers to use if they don't bring their own. Bonnets to wrap their hair is also a clever idea. These accessories will avert hair from drying out and will maintain colored hair from fading.

Tanning Tattoos

One of the biggest trends in tanning salons right now in is tattoos that can be tanned. These arrive in rolls comparable to a sticker. The client can decide what shape she wants and apply it to her skin before getting into the tanning bed. Once their time has come to an end, they can disembark and take off the sticker to reveal a tattoo.

Tanning Salon In booth music

Salons often have music playing in the building. Once you get on the tanning bed for a tan, it’s difficult to hear. You can now change this with in-booth music. Your patrons can select their favorite music and listen to it using earphones. One thing to keep away from is large covers that will get in the way of the quality of the tan.

Hygienic pillows are another necessity for luxury tanning salons. This keeps the customers head high comfortably and supports to relieve neck stress. Hygienic pillows come in several colors and fabrics, but ensure that you can offer a style that does not slip and can be sterilized easily.

Teeth Whitening

Another good idea to add to the range of services is teeth whitening while skin tanning. Heat activated gels are now on hand that eradicate light staining from teeth while they get a great tan. Customers will like the easiness and handiness of getting two excellent beauty treatments at one tanning salon. For a third treat, suggest UV protection for nails to preserve great looking manicures and pedicures.

For owners wanting to have the best tanning bed salon possible, clientele will want a comfortable, safe, and stylish beauty enhancing experience. This is only possible by staying abreast of developments in the industry and offering your customers the best services possible.