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Top New Dermal Filler Treatment: CosmetaLife

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A medical machine company called Gel-Del Technologies has just made a new and potentially industry changing treatment for a host of skin related conditions including wrinkles, acne scars, and sun damaged skin. This new dermal skin filler is being developed for fine-line wrinkles and lips, blood vessel grafts, cardiovascular stent coatings, cellular & bone scaffolds, fillers and drug delivery.

Cosmetalife Wrinkles Treatment

The name of this new dermal filler injection treatment is CosmetaLife, and results from recent clinical trials indicate that this new treatment has the possibility to be a more effectual option to present offered healing procedures. Cosmetalife seems to be particularly effective at treating wrinkles and deep lines and results in a more natural skin correction.

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Gel-Del Technologies is a biomedical machine business that makes biomaterial products that imitate the body's tissue using innovative and patented protein-based fabrication systems.

Gel-Del Technologies began scientific trials of CosmetaLife, a gel-particle invention for injection to fix wrinkles, in the USA in 2006. The corporation hopes to commence selling the merchandise to the fast growing $1 billion cosmetic surgery market in 2009.

Effectiveness of Cosmetalife

It is especially exhilarating to observe the first human use of this dermal filler over the past 2 years of development. Based on the results of a 1 year experimental study, CosmetaLife provides a superior early performance than hyaluronic acid based skin treatments, and a lasting effect expected to carry on longer owing to an actual dermal correction.The results of the CosmetaLife trials demonstrate that the product compares more positively to Restylane for the first 90 days and equally to Restylane at the 1 year spot.

CosmetaLife is hopefully just the first of many other imperative medical uses. The company has already been given three National Institutes of Health grants to help it make drug delivery machines and artificial blood vessel grafts, based on the same technology used in this new dermal injection.