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Top acne treatment surgery

Many times acne becomes difficult to treat with topical and oral medication. It does not give response to the treatment and doctors’ resort to small surgical procedures to treat acne and reduce pain.


Cystic and nodulastic acne become quite painful because of inflammation and infection. With surgery this pain is alleviated. Let us know more about the kind of surgical procedures commonly used to treat acne.

Acne Treatment-surgical drainage


This procedure is performed on large cystic acne that is full of sebum, pus, dead skin cells and body fluids. The doctor cuts and drains the cyst. This reduces the pain of the cyst and cures it faster. If the pus is left inside the cysts, it may hurt the deep skin and cause more scars. By draining the acne, all infection is removed and acne is treated with antibiotics to heal.

Acne Treatment-surgical extraction

Whiteheads and blackheads are extracted surgically. This extraction needs skill otherwise pores become larger. If sterile tools are not used, it can also cause infection. If done by unskilled hands with use of non-sterile equipment, it may lead to further infection and scarring. So take care. Whiteheads and blackheads should be always be extracted by experts.

Other surgical procedures for acne treatment

Some other procedures are also used to treat acne. They are not strictly surgical but do not involve medications. Chemical Peeling, microdermabrasion and light/laser are some of these procedures.

Chemical peel acne treatment

In chemical peeling glycolic acid is commonly used to remove the upper layer of dead skin. The peel is done with a mild solution of glycolic acid. The Glycolic Acid breaks the bond between the dead skin cells and fresh skin. This treatment is used to treat acne in the beginning stages. In microdermabrasion, very tiny particles are thrown at the skin at high speed to remove the dead layer of skin cells and also loosen the whiteheads and blackheads. This Procedure cannot be used on inflamed acne. It can be used at the early stages only.

Laser acne treatment

Different types of lasers are now used to treat acne. Laser is not a common therapy for acne and is still under testing. Blue light is commonly used to treat acne. It kills the bacteria and reduces inflammation. Green-yellow light and heat energy are used in combination to kill the bacteria and shrink the sebaceous glands.

Original article by C.D. Mohatta , americanchronicle.com