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Four Best Stretch Mark Treatments Reviewed

Although many people still believe there is no effective treatment for stretch marks, the reality is that developments in the world of medical skin treatment means there are today several effective stretch mark treatments available.

Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch mark creams are a cheap and easily available form of treatment for stretch marks. Stretch mark creams are probably one of the oldest stretch mark treatments available on the market and today there are several different types of stretch mark creams, eac with their own advantages. Depending on what cream you choose, you can apply cream to the part of your skin with stretch marks on it and through diligent application over a period of months you’ll see your stretch marks start to fade away.

However, there are a few things about which you should be aware before you start using creams as a stretch mark treatment. Many stretch mark creams work only on the outer layer of your skin, encouraging the production of new skin cells without solving the cause of the stretch mark which is a small tear or damage to the elastin of the skin at a deeper level of skin. The best stretch mark creams actually penetrate the outer layer of skin to stimulate new production of collagen and elastin, naturally occurring substances in the body that repair damaged skin cells at an internal level and  produce a permanent improvement effect.

Laser Stretch Mark Treatment

Laser treatment is another popular way of treating stretch marks. Laser stretch mark treatment is more expensive than using creams; however, the results can be excellent. Laser stretch mark treatment involves the skin being exposed to a laser light that penetrates deeper layers of skin encouraging the body to produce the skin repairing substances in a similar way to stretch mark creams.

Critics of laser stretch mark treatment claim that because lasers are designed to break down cells this may counterbalance the positive effect of the healing substances produced. The main advantage of laser stretch mark treatment is that its effects are fast.

Surgical Stretch Mark Treatment

Surgical procedures are the most expensive and invasive of stretch marks treatments. Surgical procedures such as tummy tucks re-stretch the skin to its previous elasticity level and sometimes even tighter which physically erases the stretch mark. The advantage of this stretch mark treatment is that it is highly effective. The disadvantages of this stretch mark treatment are the high costs and the discomfort of going under a surgical knife.

Microdermabrasion Stretch Mark Treatment

Microdermabrasion stretch mark treatment is increasingly being seen as the best treatment for stretch marks. This is it effective while still begin cheap enough for most poeple to afford. It is also painless and involves no downtime.