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Microdermabrasion books

This page provides an information overview on some of the best microdermabrasion books available. The microdermabrasion books featured on this page are geared primarily towards cosmetic surgery and beauty therapy professionals. If you are simply in learning about how the procedure works, check out our page on microdermabrasion treatment.

Current microdermabrasion books

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Because microdermabrasion is a comparatively new treatment, not many books have been devoted to the subject yet. However, due to the increasing popularity of microdermabrasion as a treatment for a variety of skin conditions including acne, acne scars, fine lines and sun damage, it is likely that more microdermabrasion books will be available on the market soon. Below we’ve introduced some of the most popular microdermabrasion books currently on the market.

microdermabrasion_booksHill. P. (2005) Microdermabrasion, Milady: $35

This comprehensive book devoted entirely to the subject of microdermabrasion is arguably the definitive book on the subject to date. The author of this book, Pamela Hill, has over 25 years experience as a plastic surgery nurse and has treated thousands of patients, giving her a great depth of knowledge on the subject of microdermabrasion and skincare.

This 336 page book published in 2005 provides detailed explanations on how to perform advanced microdermabrasion techniques complete with illustrations and numerous case studies. This book is suitable for anyone training to become a beauty spa professional and even for experienced microdermabrasion practitioners.

microdermabrasion booksPugliese. P. (2005) Advanced professional skin care, Milady: $132

This book covers a wide range of skin care techniques including microdermabrasion. This book is authored by Peter Pugliese who has taken great care in providing the readers with detailed information on the principals behind all the treatments and methods discussed in the book. This book covers themicrodermabrasion books physiology, chemistry and pathology of the skin which will be of interest to any microdermabrasion practitioner.
Pugliese introduces a new skin classification system based on EA isotypes which is related to individual hormonal markings, that is likely to increase in popularity in years to come. This book provides an extensive overview on a variety of different cosmetic instruments including microdermabrasion machines.

Root. L. complete guide to microdermabrasion treatment, techniques & technology

microdermabrasion_book_3As the name states, this book gives a complete guide to microdermabrasion treatment covering all the main techniques of microdermabrasion. This book is required reading on master aesthetician license certificate courses in several states. This microdermabrasion book is structured in six chapters

  • Chapter 1: benefits of microdermabrasion
  • Chapter 2: microdermabrasion technology & crystals microdermabrasion, books
  • Chapter 3: Skin physiology
  • Chapter 4: microdermabrasion treatment basics
  • Chapter 5: Microdermabrasion applications & side effects
  • Chapter 6: Microdermabrasion treatment methods

Mendlesohn J, Byun M & Truswell W. (2003) Non-surgical facelift book.
microdermabrasion_book4Addicus: $20

This book covers a variety of cosmetic procedures including microdermabrasion, botox, laser treatment and collagen injections. The strength of this book is the detail in which each procedure is analysed using clear and easy to understand English. Ideal candidates for each treatment are determined, the strengths and limitation of treatment assessed, details of the procedure are given complete with before and after photos. There is also a particularly interesting section on how to choose a good cosmetic clinic which will be of use to the lay reader.