microdermabrasion treatment systems

Botox risks

Many people use botox injections to reduce fine lines & wrinkles and now that it's becoming more available in local beauty salons more of us than ever before are using it. The most common side effect risk is slight bruising, but in some rare cases patients may experience temporary drooping of the eyebrow or eyelid or a lack of expression. In very rare cases, high doses can be toxic and lead to problems with swallowing and breathing, so it's vital to go to a clinic where the staff have received proper aesthetician training. A stsate licensed aesthetician should be qaulified to perform a whole range of cosmetic prcedures including chemical & microdermabrasion peels.

Sun beds risks


Experts state that the risk of getting skin cancer from using sun beds has tripled in the last ten years because of the development of super-powerful sun beds. The extra-strong lamps emit up to three times as much harmful UV light as those used a decade ago - and rates of skin cancer have increased twofold in that time.

Cancer research professionals advise people not to use sunbeds, especially young people. We know from studies that connect sun bed usage with skin cancer that people who use sun beds during their teenage years are almost twice as likely to be at risk for melanoma. Also, anyone with light skin complexion, many freckles of moles or a family history of skin cancer should avoid sun beds."

Body piercing risks

All types of piercing can be a risk to your health. Failure to heal resulting in infection is the most common risk, but if left without treatment, these can lead to septicaemia or toxic shock syndrome, which can be deadly. If hygiene standards aren't good enough you could also be at risk of blood related diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV. Tongue piercings carry a lot of risk as they carry a greater risk of infection, broken teeth and breathing problems caused by swelling.

Hair extensions risks

Celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Samantha Mumba have all been photographed with bald spots, which experts state is a common side effect risk involved with hair extensions. Because extensions are woven into the hair and glued into place, this can put excessive pressure on the scalp causing the natural hair to be pulled out.

This most common side effect risk associated with hair extensions is known as traumatic alopecia, where bald patches appear because of hair being pulled for prolonged periods. If you really want hair extensions, then minimise these risks of side effects by paying to go to a well known salon, take good care of them and keep them in for weeks, not months, to limit the risk of damage being caused.

If you have recently had a body piercing you will need to take good care of it to prevent infection. You should clean the piercing site three times a day with a sterile liquid and visit your doctor immediately if you think you have an infection.

Hair dye risks

Allergic reactions to hair dye are increasing as more people color their hair on a regular basis. The most common risk of a negative reaction is facial dermatitis and sometimes even facial swelling. Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and other agents that can set off allergic reactions are found in 65% of hair dyes, and PPD has already been banned in several European countries.

Hair dye allergy may have mild or severe symptoms. In mild cases there may be a slight itching of the scalp. If severe side effects are present there may be swelling of the forehead, ears and neck. Some patients have had to go to hospital after a severe attack. To minimise the risk, always test on a small patch of skin before using the product.

Make-up risks

Most women use up to 2lbs of lipstick containing toxic chemical ingredients during their life. Even though the cosmetic companies claim they are safe, many campaigners say that the chemical preservatives & additives that are contained in makeup could be a risk to our health.

The cosmetics with most risk are coal tar colors that have been connected to cancer and are often found in makeup; Formaldehyde, which can cause breathing problems and is also linked to cancer is found in shampoo and nail varnish. Dibutyl Phthalate, which can lead to birth defects in animals, is also found in nail polish and some perfumes.