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Best exfoliating skin scrubs

I’m an exfoliating junkie. I love to scrub. My day just isn’t complete with out scrubbing my skin raw with the latest and greatest on the exfoliation market. I’m expert on these skin care products. Not only am I a self absorbed makeup artist, but a licensed aesthetician as well. So that means that I know a thing or two about good skin care products. Now, not everyone should take the liberty to scrub until they feel the burn like I do. Really, the less is more philosphy is true here. I just don’t practice what I preach.

This is what you should know about skin exfoliators:

They come in manual and chemical forms. Manual exfoliators are scrubs — grains, granules, crushed seeds, polyethelyne balls, microdermabrasion crystlas and so on. Chemicals exfoliants are commonly alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acids, enzymes and retinols. There are a plethora of professional exfoliators which we will not get into at this time. I love, love, love AHA’s. I have been known to do a vigorous scrub and then a professional strength chemical exfoliant right after. Sure, I get red and it burns like the dickens, but the next day my skin looks like I just had a blissful evening…

Why you should scrub:

  1. It removes dead skin cells.
  2. It helps moisturizer penetrate the skin.
  3. It’s an anti-ager for the skin, can diminish fine lines
  4. Help give skin a glow

Exfoliating skin Scrubs to avoid:

Anything with big uneven particles. In particular the good old crushed apricot seed or walnut seed. Forget all that harsh stuff. Now, there are scrubs that use a powder form or a very small particle form of those ingredients and they are perfectly fine. Always try to sample the product before you buy it. Run the scrub through your fingers. Does it feel rough? Don’t use it. The granules should be smooth and even.

Best 5 manual scrubs for different skin types:

1. Best exfoliating scrub for mature and sun damaged skin. Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion
My all time favorite. Diamond shaped magnesium oxide crystals polish skin to perfection. Dr. Brandt’s microdermabrasion cream is based with great ingredients like Chamomile, Aloe, and Hibiscus Flower as well as Vitamin E and Retinyl Palmitate. Even though it’s great for mature skins, most skins can benefit from this scrub which should be used no more than twice weekly.

2. Best exfoliating scrub for Acne and razor bumps
Peter Thomas Roth Pumice Medicated Acne BPO 2.5% This powerful scrub combines the antibacterial powers of Benzoyl Peroxide with exfoliating beads to clear up blemishes. My daughter swears by this stuff.

3. Best exfoliating scrub for Sensitive Skin
Ole Henriksen New Beginning Scrub This is such a gentle scrub that the most sensitive skin can benefit from it. Dry skin loves it. Jojoba seed wax does the exfoliating and tea tree oil purifies. Even a hard core exfoliating junkie like me has to admit that it gets the job done.

4. Best exfoliating scrub for for Oily Skin
L’Occitane Olive Face Mud We all know that mud draws oils from the pores, but this mud combines crushed olive pits to exfoliate and refine skin. The perfect combination for oily skin.

5. Best exfoliating scrub for men
Nickel Super Clean Scrubbing Gel
Getting your guy to add another step into his skin care routine (if there is such a thing) is probably next to impossible. So just get this great scrub, (I have used it myself, for research purposes only) which combines cleansing with a mild exfoliation. Tell him he’ll look younger if he uses it. Everyone has a vain streak!

Original article by tracy from hotornotbeauty.com