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Mary Kay Home Microdermabrasion Kit

Mary Kay is one of the largest cosmetics brands in the USA producing dozens of skin care & beauty products. With the increasing popularity of microdermabrasion, Mary Kay like most other major cosmetics and skin care manufacturers launched their own home microdermabrasion kit.


Mary Kay microdermabrasion kit contents


The Mary Kay home microdermabrasion system is very simple. Unlike other companies who have added on extras in order to convince consumers they are buying a sophisticated kit, Mary Kit have kept things simple and easy. The Mary Kay home microdermabrasion kit consists two bottles:mary_kay_home_microdermabrasion

  1. Refine
  2. Replenish

This is basically a microdermabrasion cream and a moisturising post-treatment serum

Refine: The microdermabrasion cream performs the exfoliating process. This removes dead skin cells and improved blood circulation to the skin giving an instant glow to your face.

The Mary Kay home microdermabrasion cream comes in a 2oz bottle and uses particularly fine microdermabrasion crystals minimizing the risks of skin irritation. Unlike many other creams, Mary Kay have produced a light non greasy microdermabrasion cream. This makes it easier to wash off after application.

Replenish: Because microdermabrasion is an abrading procedure, there’s a possibility of skin irritation, soreness and redness. Replenish is designed to prevent these symptoms by moisturising your skin and providing nourishing nutrients. The Mary Kay post microdermabrasion serum contains Vitamins, anti irritants and anti oxidants helping to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Using Mary Kay microdermabrasion kit

The Mary Kay home microdermabrasion kit is very easy to use:mary_kay_home_kit

  1. Wash your face to clear off dirt.
  2. While face is still wet, use fingers to apply microdermabrasion cream to face.
  3. Massage each part of face in circular motions for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Rinse off Mary Kay microdermabrasion cream with warm water
  5. Pat face dry with towel
  6. Apply replenishing serum to face

Mary Kay doesn’t offer strict guidelines on how often to use their home microdermabrasion kit. Although it’s not a good idea to perform microdermabrasion every day, some people use it every other day, while most people only use it once or twice a week. How often you use the Mary Kay microdermabrasion kit depends on your own skin and how it reacts.

Mary Kay microdermabrasion kit results

Mary Kay home microdermabrasion kit is popular because it is particularly good at getting quick results. Users often claim instant improvements to their complexion and smoother skin. The Mary Kay home microdermabrasion kit is marketed like most other home kits as a treatment for acne, stretch marks, sun damage and a general restorer for dull skin. However, it’s important to remeber that no home kit is strong enough to treat deep acne scars in the way that proffesional microdermabrasion machines can.

Mary Kay carried out a survey on their home microdermabrasion kit:

• 85% improved skin texture
• 73% reduce fine lines
• 71% minimised pores

Like most home microdermabrasion kits, users of the Mary Kay system should expect to see significantly improved skin after 2 weeks use.

Mary Kay home microdermabrasion kit price

The Mary Kay home microdermabrasion kit is slightly expensive, considering it doesn’t come with a foam applicator and electric hand piece. The refine & replenish bottles can be bought together for $55. Alternatively they can be bought sepereately: $30 for refine and $25 for replenish

Mary Kay home microdermabrasion side effects

All home microdermabrasion kits are basically safe. The only possible side effects are:

  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Pimples

All three of these side effects are temporary and are either because you’ve used the kit too hard and too much, or your particular skin type isn’t compatible with the home microdermabrasion kit. Unfortunately, the only way to find out is through trial and error.

You should not use the Mary Kay home microdermabrasion kit is you have severe pustular acne, broken skin, sun damaged skin or rosacea.