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Olay home microdermabrasion kit

Olay is a major prouder of cosmetics and skin care products. The Olay home microdermabrasion kit is part of the regenerist product line which includes several creams, lotions and other products designed to combat the effects of ageing through the regeneration of fresh skin cells.

Olay microdermabrasion cost

Olay home microdermabrasion kit retails at about $30 making it one of the cheaper home systems on the market. Unlike some other home microdermabrasion kits that sell for around the same price, Olay’s microdermabrasion kit is of good quality and is popular because it is effective. This makes Olay home microdermabrasion kit one of the best deals on the market.

Benefits of Olay microdermabrasion kit

Olay home microdermabrasion kit is advertised as primarily an anti ageing skincare product that rejuvenates skin and improves complexion while diminishing typical signs of ageing such as fine lines & wrinkles.

Olay microdermabrasion kit contents olay_microdermabrasion

The Olay home microdermabrasion kit consists of two applications:

  1. Microdermabrasion cream
  2. Peeling serum

The Olay cream contains microdermabrasion crystals which are responsible for performing skin exfoliation. In addition, the cream also contains skin soothing ingredients such as green tea extract, which offset the abrasive effects of the crystals. The presence of vitamins E and B6 are also beneficial for building healthy new skin.

The peeling serum contains a unique amino-peptide complex which stimulates the production of collagen. Amino-peptides exist naturally in the skin are responsible for the production of new skin cells.

Using Olay microdermabrasion home kit

The Olay home microdermabrasion kit works in a unique way by combining the effects of two different treatments: microdermabrasion & chemical peel. The home kit is very simple and relies on the user to apply the creams by hand rather than with a foam applicator and hand piece. Directions for performing microdermabrasion with the Olay kit are as follows:

  1. After washing the face apply the cream in liberal amounts all over the face. Cream should be massaged into the skin for approximately 1 minute and left on the face as a mask.

  2. While the cream is still on the face, apply the peeling serum with fingertips in similar manner. While massaging in the peeling serum white foam should arise from the face and a slightly warm sensation should be felt on the face. After 1 minute rinse the creams off with warm water.