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Susan Lucci youthful essence microdermabrasion kit

Susan Lucci, who is famous primarily from her acting career, produces a range of anti-aging cosmetic products. The Susan Lucci youthful essence home microdermabrasion kit is just one product from a range of Susan Lucci skin care creams, lotions and serums.

Youthful essence microdermabrasion kit benefits


Susan Lucci’s youthful essence home kit is one of the most popular home microdermabrasion systems in the USA. Millions of consumers have found susan lucci microdermabrasion_1youthful essence effective against the following skin conditions:

  • Age spots
  • Enlarged pores
  • Superficial scars
  • Sun damaged skin

While Susan Lucci’s microdermabrasion kit is used to treat conditions such as acne, acne scars and stretch marks, many Americans use youthful essence microdermabrasion as a general skin restoration and rejuvenation tool.

Two benefits of Susan Lucci microdermabrasion are the speed with which results appear and the length they remain. Most users claim to see improved skin complexion and a healthy glow immediately after their first microdermabrasion application. A series of youthful essence microdermabrasion applications bring about results that can last for up to 2 months.

Using Susan Lucci microdermabrasion kit

Susan Lucci’s facial microdermabrasion kit can be used specifically to treat a certain skin condition, or as part of a more comprehensive skincare program. Using Susan Lucci microdermabrasion helps other skincare products absorption by the skin. Depending on skin sensitivity, youthful essence microdermabrasion can be be used 2-4 times a week.

Youthful essence microdermabrasion kit contents:

The contents of the Susan Lucci microdermabrasion home kit include:microdermabrasion_susan_lucci

  • Microdermabrasion cream
  • Resurfacing tool
  • Foam applicators
  • Post treatment serum
Susan Lucci microdermabrasion cream

This microdermabrasion cream comes in a 2.5oz tub that is sufficient for between 24-30 treatments and should last a couple of months. In addition to microdermabrasion crystals which are present in all home microdermabrasion systems, youthful essence cream is enriched with anti oxidants and vitamin E which nourish the skin and keep it healthy.

Susan Lucci microdermabrasion resurfacing tool

Youthful essence is one of the few home microdermabrasion kits to come with an electronic hand piece powered by two AA batteries. When turned on, the tool spins the foam applicator round at 4000 micro orbits per minute, providing an even and firm cream application.

Susan Lucci microdermabrasion foam applicators

The youthful essence home kit comes with two standard round foam applicators that deliver the cream to the skin. Susan Lucci also offer triangular foam applicators to reach awkward areas such as the nose or between fingers, as well as a large one for exfoliating the body.

Susan Lucci microdermabrasion kit price

The Susan Lucci microdermabrasion costs $40, pricing it in the middle of the home kit market. Refill kits containing microdermabrasion cream and post treatment serum are also available for $30.

Youthful essence microdermabrasion kit directions

Directions for performing microdermabrasion with the Susan Lucci home kit are as follows:microdermabrasion_youthful_essence

  1. Wash face removing grease and dirt
  2. Attach sponge to resurfacing tool
  3. Dip sponge in microdermabrasion cream
  4. Dot liberal amounts of cream on forehead, cheeks and chin
  5. Turn on resurfacing tool
  6. Massage all areas of face between 2-4 minutes
  7. Use small gentle circular strokes
  8. Rinse off cream with warm water
  9. Dry face
  10. Apply moisturising cream