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Skin Hyperpigmentation: Treatment & Prevention­

Skin hyperpigmentation explained

Hyperpigmentation is best understood if we examine the word linguistically. Hyper commonly denotes an excess of something, while pigmentation refers to skin color. Therefore, hyperpigmentation is when parts of the skin produce too much color resulting in some areas of skin being lighter than others.

Causes of Skin Hyper pigmentation

For many people who overexposed their skin to the sun when they were younger age spots and sun spots are an inevitable consequence that leave the skin looking damaged. Even in the short term, exposure to too much sun can leave skin freckled. Many women with black skin also experience uneven skin tones as they get older with some parts of their skin lighter than other darker patches. Menopause is another common cause of skin hyper pigmentation. Many people who suffer from acne in their younger years are left with undesirable acne scars that have a different skin colour to the rest of their face.

Treating hyperpigmentation: At home skin lightening

Skin hyperpigmentation is best treated by a skincare specialist or a doctor. However, there a few things that can be done at home to help improve and lighten the skin. Firstly, you should think in terms of preventing skin hyperpigmentaion so you don’t need to purchase skin whitening products later on.

The primary means of preventing skin hyperpigmentation is to wear sunscreen with a high SPF that blocks out the sun’s harmful rays. Going out under the sun without wearing a good sunscreen is inviting dark spots on the skin later on in life, not to mention increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Start making it part of your daily routine to apply a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15. An increasing number of skin care products include an SPF in them as well. You need to use a full quarter size or more on the face for comprehensive protection.

Preventing Skin Hyperpigmentation: Good Sunscreens

1. Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion. SPF 15.
2. Peter Thomas Roth Ultra Lite Oil Free SPF 30 – Dissolves into all skin types including black skin tones.
3. Laura Geller Moisture Compound SPF 30. It absorbs into darkest skins without leaving an ashy residue.