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Laser Wrinkle Removal Treatment

As we get older, the possibility of getting fine lines, wrinkles, stretches and gaps on the face increases as our skin loses more of its elasticity and youthful appearance due to the depletion of collagen, the substance responsible for restoring the skin’s elasticity. Sometimes, fine lines & wrinkles appear in younger people, especially those people who are continuously exposed to the sun and smoke too much. These days cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular and procedures such as facial microdermabrasion for wrinkles and non invasive laser treatment for fine lines and wrinkles have never before been so accessible.

Laser wrinkle removal treatments, as well as skin resurfacing is becoming a popular treatment despite the pain a patient has to endure when undergoing the treatment. However, once the swelling and soreness fades, a healthy looking and fresh layer of skin becomes visible. Laser Wrinkle removal treatments remove dead layers of skin and allow your body to develop a fresh new layer of skin. Post treatment downtime for laser wrinkle removal treatment varies depending on the extent of the wrinkles as well as certain factors such as skin type.

Laser Stretch Mark Reducer

If you have just gone through your last pregnancy or have been lifting weights for a long time, you may begin to see stretch marks developing around your body. Stretch marks often appear on the anatomy when skin is expanding at a particularly fast rate. Stretch marks are common in overweight people or patients have recently gone through weight reduction surgery. For many people, stretch marks are just not nice to look at and cause people to be self conscious. More patients are moving towards laser stretch mark reducer treatments to improve their appearance. Although microdermabrasion stretch mark creams are still useful, patients recognize the collagen-plumping properties of laser stretch mark reducer treatments are also effective at providing inducing the skin to produce more collagen which fills in the stretch marks making them disappear.