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Tips for dull skin & improving skin complexion


Smooth skin gives a more flawless effect, so use a gentle microdermabrasion cream regularly to remove any grey, flaking bits of dead skin.

  • Use a face cream with nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E every day to replenish lost moisture to the skin.
  • Create a fake glow with a skin perfector that aids in getting rid of dull skin. Apply to the cheekbones and temples, but avoid the nose and chin areas where it can look shiny.
  • Use make up that acts like skincare. A good make up should be free from toxins and other harmful chemicals while being enriched with moisturisers and vitamins.

Make up tips for improving skin complexion


  1. To make your base lat longer apply a foundation primer first. This helps smooth and plump dry patches on the skin. Apply the primer to the nose, forehead and chin where shine can develop.
  2. To achieve a natural and even coverage, apply a dot of foundation to each cheek, one to the chin and one on the forehead. Blend into the skin with a foundation brush. Using downward strokes ensures that the downy hairs on the face lie flat and that the foundation glides over and not into the pores.
  3. Check for areas that still need covering with a concealer. Use your fingertips to apply concealer into the skin. The warmth of your hands will help it move around more easily. Remember to build up the layers until you get the right level of coverage rather than applying too much in one go.
  4. When we get older, sheer, creamy textures work best for a gleaming effect, but only apply your blusher after you've concealed any redness.
    To put on cream blusher, smile into the mirror and use your finger to pat colour onto the skin; blend well to avoid lines.
  5. Don’t use the brush that comes with a compact blusher - they're too thin to apply color over your cheeks. Instead, use a large fluffy brush. Dip it in the blush, tap off excess powder and dust onto the fullest part of the cheek in outward strokes.

How to get a tanned skin complexion

Increase your skin glow with self-tanning moisturisers. Apply it every day until you reach your desired colour.

Accentuate your colour with a tinted moisturiser to make the skin tone more even and leave your skin with a healthy sheen. Go for a shade slightly warmer than your natural skin tone.

Boost your colour with bronzing powder. Sweep over your cheekbones and all over your eyes in order to give the face a subtle shimmer and accentuate a golden glow'.