microdermabrasion treatment systems

Choosing the right skin filler treatments & procedures

Because people are living longer, there’s more demand for effective treatments for fine lines & wrinkles which has in turn encouraged the development of new treatments.

Dermatologists, cosmetic plastic surgeons, and pharmaceutical companies are paying alot of attention to the desires of the increasing population of middle-aged people who want to look younger.

Modern lifestyles and medicine mean that men and women are living to be much older and most are working for longer, all while staying more active. It's probably quite predictable then that everybody wants to look younger.

Beautiful, healthy, youthful skin is a neccessity for today's "age-management" population as it radiates confidence and well-being.

If you happen to come under this group, and want to improve your skin there are a few factors you need to keep in mind.

  • Determine your expectations: this will allow you to create a realistic goal and help you decide how best to achieve it.
  • Do the research: Inundate yourself with information about the different treatments and procedures and know the advantages and disadvantaes associated with each one. Find a qualified professional that specializes in the treatment you want done.

There are many great professional doctors, but not all of them specialize in every procedure.

Combination skin treatments

Combinations of multiple therapies have become a popular technique used by doctors for today's instant result seekers. They work well, giving noticeable improvement quickly while providing both the physicians and patients more choices. The result is the ability to customize treatments for each patient.

Botox skin treatments

Botox can be combined with Restylane, Captique, or Juvederm, all injective fillers, to give non-surgical rejuvenation to the face. Injections of Botox are commonly used to treat the upper sections of the face, usually around the lower eye, between the brows, and the forehead to aid the reduction of lines and wrinkles.

Botox however, is not used in the treatment of the skin, as its specific purpose is to relax facial muscles. The projected active time for each injection is two-to-four months and must be repeated to maintain the results.

Soft tissue fillers are becoming the second-most requested service, being surpassed only by Botox. Fillers are used primarily to treat the lower face, around the mouth, lips, and the nasolabial fold.

Filler can last anywhere from two months to a year depending on the product used. As is evident, combination therapy affords patients with incredible results with minimal to no downtime, and has the added benefit of being very cost effective.

Microdermabrasion & laser skin treatments

Combining topical prescriptions with microdermabrasion and laser treatments is an effective technique used by physicians to treat patients with various skin problems, especially sun and pigmentation problems.

Microdermabrasion is used to exfoliate dry, dull skin by resurfacing the outer layers - allowing topical treatments to penetrate deeper and provide more dramatic results.

The same applies when combining the micro treatment with IPL (Intense Pulses Light). This technique allows light waves to enter the skin and target brown pigments (age spots, sun damage, and melasma) as well as red pigments (broken blood vessels, rosacea).

Your doctor will set your treatment regimen but typically three to four sessions are recommended with two to three weeks between sessions.

If your choice is to fight the signs of aging there is no better time than now. Doctors can offer incredible techniques and procedures that can improve or even reverse some of the signs of aging and help you look your absolute best. From simple skin care products, to surgical procedures, the choice is yours.

Original article by Maria Cheeyou of the Maryland Gazette