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Laser teeth whitening explained

In a social situation your smile makes you noticed among many other people and one can instantly tell if it’s pleasurable to the eyes or not. If you have a white and bright smile, others will be attracted to you on your first appearance. Your smile can create lasting impressions and is important in defining your personality and presence.
Currently, teeth whitening is comparatively easy and accessible to patients wanting to have a pleasant appearance and younger looking face. The secret to an endearing personality is a pleasant and inviting smile. Your teeth structure plays a very important part in defining your smile.

Causes of teeth discolouring


Teeth can be discolored because of several causes. Discoloration is generally caused due to smoking, drinking, foods and age among other causes.

Teeth whitening with bleach

In office laser bleaching is a whitening system that uses a laser with a whitening gel at a dentist’s surgery. A colourless bleaching gel is put on your teeth and a laser ray is used to stimulate the crystals in the bleach. These crystals absorb the energy from the rays and penetrate the teeth enamel to increase the brightness and whiteness of the teeth. The time required to complete the procedure in a dentist’s surgery depends on how badly the teeth have been discoloured.

A single visit to the dentist is enough to brighten the teeth in a laser teeth whitening technique. However, the significant and sudden change of teeth colour is likely to be noticed by others immediately. This process, though very fast is an expensive whitening procedure.

Laser teeth whitening

Safe and effective ways are now available for giving you a brighter and whiter smile. Laser teeth whitening surgery is an effective procedure tried by many individuals. This surgery takes about an hour and helps to improve the teeth colour through the use of various medical equipment. All laser techniques use laser smile gels that are designed to work well with the wavelength of the used laser techniques.
Laser whitening increases the effectiveness of the teeth whitening process. The treatment is supposed to minimize excess heat and sensitivity. Most of the other common whitening devices do not take sufficient steps to neutralize the heat and address the sensitivity problem.