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Tinted skin moisturizers explained

Applying make up during the warm spring and summer months is completely different to applying make up in winter. Summer time is the time of light and warmth which means you need to show fresh and beautifully radiant skin. If you don’t have fresh beautiful skin, as hardly any of us over the age of 12 do, we have to use the cosmetic tools available to us to make it look beautiful. Usually we use foundation to hide any flaws in our skin complexion. However, you may want to experiment with the best of a foundation and moisturizer mixed in one – a tinted skin moisturizer.

Tinted skin moisturizers are an excellent development on traditional foundation. They do twice as much work on our skin by giving delicate coverage to even out skin tone, and increase the moisture levels in the skin. Alleviating moisturizer instead of a tinted moisturizer is not recommended. Using a lighter type of skin moisturizer or using it more sparingly is a better idea. For a beautiful natural tone of skin, apply tinted skin moisturizer and dust skin with a loose powder. You will look fresh and natural as though you are not wearing makeup.

The best tinted skin moisturizers:

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Dr. Brant Tinted Skin Moisturizer

Dr. Brandt’s tinted moisturizer has a delightful slight shimmer. Tinted daily UV protection with SPF 30 and Active Renewal Shield is the minimum SPF recommended by Dr. Brandt. This tinted skin moisturizer absorbs quickly into the skin without shine and costs $30.

Laura Mercier Tinted Skin Moisturizer

This is one of the best tinted skin moisturizers. This lightweight moisturizer contains a sunscreen protective SPF 20 and a touch of color that can be used instead of foundation for a natural finish that gives a healthy glow to your complexion. This tinted skin moisturizer is available in seven colors from fair to deep skin tones. Laura Mercier Tinted Skin Moisturizer costs $40.

Stila Sheer Tinted Skin Moisturizer

This is another good choice of tinted skin moisturizer. This moisturizer contains an abundance of sun protection (SPF 15) and just enough color to even out skin tone. This hydrating formula is ideal for all skin types and comes in natural, transparent shades. Applying the tinted skin moisturizer is easy and the coverage is long lasting, leaving you with a perfect finish every time. Stila Sheer tinted skin moisturizer costs $30.

Cosmedicine Tinted Skin Moisturiser

This tinted skin moisturizer is a lightweight, all-in-one face finisher and skin treatment with antioxidants and UVA/UVB, SPF 20 sunscreens. It provides a natural, healthy-looking finish without lines and delivers the benefits of essential moisture, broad-spectrum sunscreen protection, and potent antioxidants with skin-refining color.

Lorac ProtecTINT Oil-free tinted skin moisturizer

This tinted skin moisturizer has an SPF 30 that doesn’t ash out on darker skin colors. This moisturizer is lightweight, oil-free and good for all skin types - especially sensitive skin.

protecTINT™ SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer gives skin a natural, healthy glow and provides protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Its unique formula immediately evens out skin complexion and provides a young, smooth, no-makeup look and feel and never looks obvious, even close up! Lorac ProtecTINT tinted skin moisturizer costs $30.