microdermabrasion treatment systems

Microdermabrasion training

Professional microdermabrasion treatment should only be performed by practitioners who have received proper training. However, because microdermabrasion is a relatively new procedure, there are no national microdermabrasion training standards. Currently, the law differs between states all of which have their own training standards. Some states limit facial microdermabrasion procedures to dermatologists while others allow aestheticians to perform the treatment. Microdermabrasion is currently classified as a category 1 cosmetic device because it only removes the top layer of skin and doesn’t interfere with its structure.

Microdermabrasion training schools


There are currently two ways to obtain microdermabrasion training. Microdermabrasion courses are usually offered as part of cosmetic therapy course at aesthetician schools which cover a wide range of procedures. These training courses can take 1-3 years and at the end you receive a certificate and qualification to perform microdermabrasion and other cosmetic techniques such as chemical peels and dermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion training courses

If you are already a qualified beauty therapist or aesthetician, then it’s possible to enrol at many schools just for the microdermabrasion class. Microdermabrasion courses involve about 15 hours of training over two days. In order to enrol on these training courses, however, you must produce your previous training qualifications as a pre-requisite. The standard pre-requisite for these microdermabrasion training courses is a state licensed beautician certificate or above.

A good microdermabrasion training course will have a mixture of theory and practical work with several case studies to illustrate specific conditions and the chance to work hands on with microdermabrasion equipment.

Microdermabrasion training course contents

Depending on the training course you enrol for, the subjects covered will differ widely. Some focus only on the practical aspects of performing microdermabrasion, while others provide much more background information. This can include everything from the physiology of the skin, to health and safety issues, to running a profitable spa.

One of the most important skills taught in microdermabrasion classes is skin profiling. Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment for a variety of skin conditions which means that patients will have different goals and needs. The treatment for a microdermabrasion patient suffering from acne is different from somebody with acne scars or stretch marks. Skin profiling helps to maximise the benefits of microdermabrasion.

A good microdermabrasion training course will teach you not only how to profile skin but how best to communicate with patients in a non technical and comforting way in order to assess their goals and needs.

Checking your microdermabrasion provider has received training

If you are a patient of microdermabrasion treatment then it’s important to make sure that your treatment provider has received training. The easiest way to do see this is if your provider has letters after their name on their website, business card or other stationary. These letters indicate what qualification she has and you can check if microdermabrasion is part of it. Most spas will also display training certificates on the walls of their premises that you can look at.

Because there is no unified standard of microdermabrasion training in the USA, it’s impossible to say how much training is sufficient. Probably the best rule to follow is to make sure that at least the practitioner has the qualification required by the state you are in. All states have some kind of certificate or training course that needs to be passed. This usually involves an exam and practical session.

Microdermabrasion machine training

In addition to microdermabrasion training classes at aesthetician schools, many manufacturers of microdermabrasion products offer special training on how to use their machines. Although the basics of microdermabrasion are always the same, a professional may still need some training to learn how to use a new machine. This training can be in the form of online courses or microdermabrasion training books, in addition to face to face classes.

Microdermabrasion training course topics

Below are some examples of the subjects covered in a typical microdermabrasion training course. It isn’t necessary for a training course to cover all of these.

  • Anatomy and physiologymicrodermabrasion_training
  • Business of Microdermabrasion
  • Consultation skills
  • Contraindications for treatment
  • Cosmetic exfoliating procedures
  • Disposal of materials according to EPA standards.
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Fundamentals of skin care
  • FDA classifications of machines
  • Post treatment care
  • Microdermabrasion machinery
  • Microdermabrasion treatments
  • Pre-treatment for microdermabrasion
  • Insurance
  • Skin Typing
  • State regulations regarding scope of practice
  • Wound Healing

Microdermabrasion training costs

The costs of microdermabrasion training differ greatly depending on which state/city your aesthetician school is in. Prices also depend on the length of the course although a two day course can cost anywhere between $400- 800.